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Shoot, what's to say?

Okay, I'm a freelance consultant by trade, which allows me to do silly things like take off for a couple of months travelling. I also do some writing, and dream one day of writing the Great Australian Novel (GAN). In the meantime I have a naughty website with which one day I hope to become filthy rich.

As my one-line biography suggests I am both independent and restless - much to the frustration of my Mum. (If you're reading this Mum, I promise to settle down next year.) I dread the thought of belonging to any organisation longer than 6 months, and catching the zombie express each morning gives me the creeps. I know the life I want to live, and damned if I'm not going to live it.

Despite these brave words I will soon settle down to house and vegie patch, loyal dog and espresso machine - and I guess someone nice to keep me warm at night and on my toes the rest of the time.

What more can I say? Enjoy!


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